What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness from the common cold to more severe diseases such as SARS.  The current coronavirus, is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans.  

What are the symptoms of infection with coronavirus?

Common signs of infection include

  • Fever
  • Acute respiratory infection (e.g. shortness of breath, cough, sore throat) with or without fever

Who is considered as a confirmed case?

Confirmed case is a person who tests positive for coronavirus infection. 

Who is a suspected case?

A suspect case is someone

how came from an international travel in the 14 days before illness onset.


Close contact (see Contact definition below) in 14 days before illness onset with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

AND has clinical criteria

• Fever.


• Acute respiratory infection (e.g. shortness of breath, cough, sore throat) with or

without fever.

What should I do if I am suspetion coronavirus?

If you fulrill the top criteria, please :

  • Stay Isolated. Stay inside your home as much as you can. Avoid contact with other people.
  • Call coronavirus hot line 
  • If possible, wear a mask if you need to leave your house or travel.
  • Call your local emergency department – do not attend a medical centre to avoid possibly spreading the virus.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1m from all people at all times.

If you are unsure whether you fit the above criteria, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Call ahead of time to book an appointment with the Doctor – DO NOT BOOK ONLINE.
  • Tell your doctor about your symptoms, travel history and any recent close contact with someone who has coronavirus.
  • If you must leave home to see your doctor, wear a surgical mask (if you have one) to protect others.

Where can I get more information?​